23 May 2017 | Last updated 09:19 AM

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Govt announces no fly list rules
Agencies | Friday, 5 May 2017 AT 11:57 AM IST
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New Delhi: The government on Friday announced new rules for a "no-fly list" for unruly passengers, which include suspension for three months to two years or more for offences.

Announcing the rules, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathy Raju said they would be in place in June after feedback from the public. The rules will be put up online for a month before being finalized.

To qualify for the no-fly list, passengers should have either created problems on either a flight or at an airport; any disruption to what's considered "a normal flying process" will be considered an offense.

Offences have been categories in three levels; level 1 constitutes disruptive behaviour such as physical gestures, level 2 includes physically abusive behaviour, sexual harassment and level 3 is for murderous assault or life threatening behavior and damage to aircraft operating systems.

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23 May 2017
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