30 May 2017 | Last updated 11:41 PM

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‘I see women covering up for men’s sins everyday’
Sakal Times | Thursday, 12 January 2017 AT 11:02 AM IST
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A Mumbai teen observes how her co-passengers in local trains deal with male gaze and their attempts to protect themselves

I travel by Mumbai local trains every day at an ungodly hour for education. What I see in my everyday travels is how most women take care of their safety. Irrespective of the weather, some of them carry umbrellas, something that even my mother did in her younger days to hit anyone who tried to grope her or outrage her modesty. Some more daring ones carry chilli powder or small cans of pepper spray.

I see some young women wear jackets/ sweat shirts in the scorching heat so that they do not “tempt” any man with their feminine body. I know women who wear only loose clothes because tights and other well fitting clothes give away their shapely figures that men just can’t keep their hands off.

I see women ignoring cat calls that they receive from men travelling in trains passing by theirs. They try not to call the men out, because it might seem as ‘instigation to act’. Being a woman is a crime enough already.

I see women apply lipstick on their forehead in trains, so that they can show the world they are married. Because isn’t marriage a way of ensuring social security?

I also see women and even some men helping girls protect their dignity by asking them to hide their visible bra straps. If they fail to do so, they taunt the girls saying, “And then these girls complain that they were raped”.

I see some ladies pull down their skirts and adjust their tops so that they don’t give away their hidden beauty, which is obviously only there to be exploited. So yes, I see women covering up for men’s sins everyday.

Not all men deserve to be blamed. There are a few creeps who ruin everything for everyone. And also might I add, it’s not just men at the root of this trouble, but also women who pass comments on their community, if the females are wearing loud makeup or ‘inappropriate clothing’. I think these people need to cover up their disgusting thoughts and mentality, instead of asking women to cover up what they call as a woman’s dignity.

— Aishwarya Kiran
FYBA, St Xavier’s College, Mumbai


Vaibhav - Friday, 13 January 2017 AT 08:46 AM IST
I so agree with you Aishwarya.all these men and women Should go and checkout temples of Godesses and try to pass judgements or remarks on there clothing , these morons try cultural policing on innocent women.our culture was far more open-minded where even nudity was respected. This is a an origin of a sick mindset by such vulgar sect of people.

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30 May 2017
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