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ICC official stomps over Indian flag in Mohali (Video Story)
Kirti Patil | Wednesday, 30 March 2011 AT 09:46 PM IST
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MOHALI: As if a protracted battle with the Indian broadcast media was not enough, the International Cricket Council on Wednesday was forced to express regret over disrespect of Indian national colours by one of its lawyer representing merchandise rights holder.


A woman lawyer of the rights holder was acting as a ‘spotter’ when she came across a vendor selling tri-colours in different forms. Those in the shape of balloons and painted with the colours of Indian national flag carried the official logo of the 2011 World Cup.


She first objected to the use of logo, but when the street vendor refused to listen she snatched a few and tramped upon the balloon, oblivious of the severity of her crime.

It happened in full view of the television media, which anyways had been fighting a battle over the restrictive coverage of the World Cup forced on them by the ICC.


The woman spotter, who was pointing towards the copyright infringement by the use of the ICC logo, apologized after realizing that her action could have severe repercussions.

The ICC, which at the outset said that it would investigate the bizarre incident, later issued an unconditional apology as the incident had upset a number of fans.


“We apologise for this unacceptable behaviour to every single Indian,” an ICC official said in a statement.


To see video click on the white screen


KAMALESH SEN GUPTA - Saturday, 12 April 2014 AT 07:47 AM IST
This is shameful.

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25 May 2017
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