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Print media growing; ABC estimates growth at 7 to 8 pc
ST Correspondent | Monday, 8 May 2017 AT 11:51 PM IST
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MUMBAI: The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), on Monday, released its annual report on the newspapers’ growth in India. According to the report, the ‘print media’ has grown by 80 per cent in the past 10 years. In the coming five years, the revenue and circulation growth is estimated to be 7-8 per cent per year.

The ABC has been studying the circulation figures provided by the print media companies for the past 69 years. It has been publishing the annual report on the circulation status of the newspapers. While the growth of the newspaper industry has been slow worldwide, the Indian print media, on the contrary, has been doing well.

The report estimated that the print media would grow for the next 10 years. According to the figures compiled by the ABC in last 10 years, the circulation figures given by all newspapers have gone up by 2.37 crore.

“The growth would remain the same in the next decade. Investment in the sector is likely to be Rs 5,000 crore,” said Girish Agarwal from the ABC. “In the current scenario, TV channels and digital media are occupying a major space in the media. A question is frequently asked ‘Would newspapers survive because of the influential and powerful electronic media?’ “These doubts have no basis as the circulation of newspapers is growing,” he added.

“In India, the newspapers industry is growing because of the low cost of newspapers and the new generation is becoming educated, along with the industrial growth of India. Indian readers are habituated to newspapers as they are delivered at the doorstep. Mainly, readers trust newspapers,” Shashi Sinha from the ACB said.

“In the next five years, circulation of newspapers will increase by 7.3 per cent, while the revenue from advertisements will increase by 8 per cent. The print media will expand further,” Sinha added.

“Digital media is not a competition to the newspaper industry because newspapers publish main news in the morning. The social media or the digital media keeps updating it further. So, both the media are supporting each other. The social media is generating less revenue. Today, readers are getting news without having to pay money. If the service becomes paid in the future, not many readers will avail it. Gradually, the effect of the media will go down,” said Agarwal.

“The English media has no scope in rural India, but regional newspapers are growing rapidly in rural areas. The English papers have a readership in the metro cities and towns,” said I Venkat from the ABC.

“There is need to control the digital media. The government and the ABC are working on it. In next two-three months, there will be some concrete measures in place,” said Agarwal.

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29 May 2017
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