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2 days to Ganeshotsav...Making of Dagadusheth Ganapati
Pooja Agarwal | Wednesday, 27 August 2014 AT 04:30 AM IST
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Ganeshotsav is that time of the year when Pune bursts with fervour and festivities. In the run-up to this year's celebrations which start on August 29, SAKAALTIMES.COM presents a series that catalogues the diverse facets of the fest.

It’s the last two days in the countdown to Ganeshotsav. On Friday, Bappa will arrive giving a go ahead to the festivities.  People will throng to mandals to take the the atmosphere and see what all the mandals have done this year. Every year, crowds from faraway places come to Pune just to experience these 10 days of Ganeshotsav. Everyone has their list of mandals that they have to see no matter what.

One such Mandal which is on everyone’s bucket-list is the Dagadusheth Halwai Ganpati.  It is not only one of the richest mandal trusts in the city, but is also the most south after during the 10 days of the festival and throughout the year. Just 2 days before the start of the festival there are workers busy constructing the massive structure that is symbolic of its iconic stature.  The Ganesh idol itself still sits at the temple which is a few feet away. It has not yet been replaced.  

There are police vans parked at all corners and several men in uniform can be seen walking around, keeping eye in all directions. They make sure that no vehicle stands at one place for long. Everything needs to be moving. There was a bomb blast in the area a few months back.  There has always been news of threats; but in the next 2 days, nothing of this will matter.

Pilgrims from everywhere including notable politicians will throng to the Dagadusheth Mandal during the festival. They will come in numbers so large that there won’t be any place to even set a single foot.  The faith of devotees will conquer everything. Ganpati bappa will sit with the largest gold modak in his hands while people pray to him, asking and cajoling him to grant their wishes and kids will strike their innocent deals with him, but most important Bappa will come and everything will be right.

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