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Industries marching towards fulfilment of expectations
Sudhir Sabale | Thursday, 12 January 2017 AT 11:48 AM IST
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Foreign investors have shown great interest in Pune. Development of basic infrastructure in the district is on fast track. In the coming years, this area will be soon recognised as ‘Special Auto Hub’. With opportunities for employment and for setting up small industries, Pune and surrounding areas are all set to welcome change.

In earlier days, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad were known for industries. Now, with the changing times, the industry has undergone considerable growth and the existing area reserved for it became insufficient to cater to its needs. There was soon a need to look for newer areas where new industries can be set up. Following  year 2000, areas surrounding Pune witnessed growth in industries. The industries were soon set up near Pimpri Chinchwad  in areas like Talegaon, Chakan, Hinjewadi, Talawade and Ranjangaon. Following emergence of IT giants like Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant setting up companies in Pune, auto majors like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and General Motors too made handsome investment in surrounding areas.

Following multinational companies setting up shop in Pune, smaller industries in Germany and Italy too started investing in Pune. As foreign investors expressed satisfaction about the infrastructural facilities made available to them in Pune, other east Asian countries like China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan too have started investing in Pune. In the last four years, Asian countries have taken the lead among the countries that have invested in Pune. If this speed of development continues, then industrial sector in Pune will witness major transformation.

Pune is blessed with natural resources and good climate. With the help of basic infrastructural facilities and skilled manpower, district can aim for its spot in international ranking. To achieve the same, the speed of development at Chakan, Talegaon and Ranjangaon need to be increased. The work for Ring road needs to be carried out on priority basis. Due to 'Make in Maharashtra' campaign undertaken by government the number of small industries will go up in next three years.

In next two to three years, the industries in Chakan, Talegaon, Ranjangaon are likely to go up by 20 to 30 per cent.

In a first kind of initiative, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MADC) is preparing a cluster of Japanese companies in Supe near Baramati. Apart from these companies, there will Japanese schools and restaurants to cater to the need of employees working here. Once implemented, this unique project will become the identity of this area.India's rate of development is good but in absence of supportive environment, foreign companies prefer other states over Maharashtra. Recently, the foundation stone for Pune Metro was laid. In near future, international airport will come up at Purandar and the work for Ring Road will begin soon.

If the work for all these three projects is completed in record time, then it will give boost to foreign investment. And with investment coming in, experts feel that development in the district will speed up.

Rate of industrial development has gone up-

MIDC acquired 5,681.57 hectares of land in Chakan, Ranjangaon, Talegaon, Baramati, Pandare, Jejuri, Kurkumbh, Indapur, Hinjewadi, Talawade, Kharadi and Bhighwan in year 2000-01. In last 15 years its the highest acquisition. Later, in year 2005-06, Chakan and Hinjewadi witnessed massive development. In the same year 402.42 hectares land was acquired in Chakan, similarly another 351.17 hectares of land was acquired in Hinjewadi.

Combining the two, 753.59 hectares of land was acquired in year 2005-06. Similarly, 2010-11, in Chakan 1,894.56 and 70 hectares was acquired in Ranjangaon. In 2014-15, MIDC started concentrating more on Talegaon.

Last year in 2016, 454 hectares of land was acquired in Talegaon. Considering this one can say that the Industrial development took place in surrounding places of Pune. Hinjewadi, which was considered rural area a few years ago, became known for the IT Park.

In the current financial year, 299.31 hectares of land has been acquired in Talegaon II  and once the acquisition process in completed, interested multinational companies can be given land. There is a proposal to acquire 391.96 hectares land in Ranjangaon stage III.  So far, 108.04 hectares land has been already acquired in Ranjangaon.

Dignitary individuals-

A vision to connect mentors & mentees

Dr Ravi Gundlapalli

Dr Ravi Gundlapalli  is the Founder and CEO of MentorCloud, a cloud-based peer-to-peer learning platform for enterprises and professional associations. Ravi is a globally recognized thought leader on mentoring, and has been featured in Forbes, HBR, Forbes India, The Hindu and knowledge@Wharton. Ravi has a PhD from the University of Michigan, MS from Florida Atlantic University, and BTech from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Ravi was an invited speaker at the 8th World Demographic Forum in Switzerland and also delivered a plenary talk on mentoring in Washington DC, at the invitation of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Before MentorCloud, Ravi led supply chain solutions for Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Raytheon and Hitachi Global Storage. Ravi actively mentors entrepreneurs and professionals in US and India, and is also a mentor at Founder Institute in Silicon Valley, USA. Ravi’s vision is to connect 100 million mentors and mentees by 2020.

Biomedical tech programmes-

Dr Katja Schenke Layland

Katja received a Master of Science (MSc) in biology, psychology and sociology in 2001; and her doctorate degree (Dr rer nat) in biology in 2004 from the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) Jena, Germany. She worked as a researcher at the Departments of Anatomy (2000-2001) and Cardiothoracic Surgery (2001-2004). Katja was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Saban Research Institute at the University of Southern California’s Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles (2004-2005). She was also a postdoctoral research fellow at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California Los Angeles UCLA, USA (2005-2008). In 2008 she was appointed as Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Medicine/ Cardiology at UCLA (2008-2009) and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor.

In January 2010, she became the group leader of the Fraunhofer-Attract Group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB), Dept of Cell and Tissue Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany and later accepted the position of Department Head. She was appointed Interim Institute Director of the Fraunhofer IGB, starting in 2016.  Katja accepted her call as Professor of Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine at the University Hospital Tübingen UKT in 2011. She coordinates the bachelor ‘Vital Implants’ and master ‘Implantology’ modules in the Biomedical Technologies programme.

Expert speak-

The country has to depend on other nations even for small articles like nuts and bolts. China has captured markets even for festivals like Ganesh, Diwali and Christmas. There is a tendency among entrepreneurs to purchase expensive machinery while reducing the labour strength. There is a need to control this. Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative has shown a ray of hope in this regard. There is a need to take into confidence the people while implementing various decisions.
— Arun Firodia, Industrialist

Many infrastructural facilities are being created in the city and nearby areas. The companies from Germany and Japan which have invested in areas like Chakan, Talegaon and Ranjangaon have expanded their business in these areas. Many more companies are willing to start their projects here due to the availability of facilities, skilled manpower, and educational facilities.
— Anant Sardeshmukh, Director General, MCCIA

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28 April 2017
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