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A mix of moods
Anjali Jhangiani | Thursday, 20 April 2017 AT 09:47 PM IST
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Kumail Hamid will be dropping an all-new EP From You to Blue in the city tonight.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you’ve invited your friends over for a brunch and everyone’s chilling and catching up, what kind of music would you play? Kumail Hamid answers this with his brand new EP (Extended Play)titled From You to Blue.

Known for constantly reinventing himself as he experiments with electronic music, there’s one element he just can’t resist mixing with his unique sound — hip hop. “There are so many musicians coming up and this means that there is constant competition.

Experimenting with your music is one of the ways you can work with the competition. I like to keep trying my hand at new genres and different sounds, and keep changing the way I make music,” says Hamid, who will be dropping his EP at High Spirits, Koregaon Park this evening.

Having begun making music six years ago, Hamid has already released two EPs and one full-fledged album prior to this. “As an artist, it is important for me to come out with something new, not just for myself, but also for my audience,” says Hamid, describing his new album as chilled out, easy-listening music. It’s not something that will work its way to you and pull you to the dance flooor or get you jiving on spot; rather it’s something that will help you relax.

“The entire EP does not have just one mood. Each track has a different mood and feel to it,” says Hamid adding that while one track can make you happy and get you all cheered up, another track is sad and can have a cathartic effect. “There are six different tracks having different emotions. The tracks have low-fi hip hop beats and spacey lyrics. I have also included one bonus track titled Fade You,” he shares.
Ask him why he has treated his fans to an extra bonus track and he says, “I made the track while I was working on the EP, but it has nothing to do with the style or theme of this consolidated work. It doesn’t fit the genre that the rest of the EP can be categorised into. But it’s a surprise.”

Apart from recording and making music in the studio, Hamid also loves performing at various music festivals across the country. He was a part of the line up at Magnetic Fields music festival, which also had artists such as Shigeto, DJ Koze, Ratatat, Kutmah and Garden City Movement among others. He has also performed at festivals such as Sunburn, Bass Camp, Future Theory Festival, and the Appa Art Festival in Kamshet.

“I think the music festivals mushrooming across the nation are pretty incredible. A few years ago, we used to hear all these artists and would never think that we would get to see them perform in India. But the music festivals organised here are getting big artists to come and perform, which is great,” says Hamid.

This apart, the DJ-music producer has opened for artists like Lapalux and Madam X from UK, FKJ  from France, and Bass Sekolah from Malaysia when they performed in India.

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Kumail’s From You to Blue EP launch will be organised at High Spirits, Koregaon Park, 9 pm onwards

The author can be followed on Twitter @purplesaga

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30 May 2017
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