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Beware, your little ones are a soft target for marketeers
MEGHA V CHOUDHARY | Saturday, 23 July 2016 AT 09:26 PM IST
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Children are most vulnerable when it comes to advertisements. They make the largest target group and therefore, marketers target these niche audiences as these future buyers not only pester their parents to buy products of their choice but also make an influence in the overall selection of the ‘products-to-be-bought’.

TV commercials make such an impact on these young minds that from toiletries to clothing, stationeries to toys, food to booking a holidays, children make it a point to convince their parents smartly to settle on the products of their choice. Without any teacher, they learn how to influence their parents’ buying decision and parents see it as a compensation for spending less time with their little ones due to their work commitments.

According to a survey, a majority of the parents regretted not spending more quality time with their children. And because of this guilt, they spend more of their earnings on kids’ demands to compensate for their absenteeism. They ignore the very fact that fulfilling kids’ every demand at an young age make them outspoken and greedy.

Gone are the days when a middle-class couple used to explain the difference between needs and demands to their children on every unnecessary demand. With the single child trend fast picking up, thanks to the expensive cost of living and other factors, parents do not mind fulfilling all their kids’ demands.

Free gifts attract all!

To target their niche audience, advertisers or marketers use different gimmicks. Every buyer likes free gifts and discounts and so are the kids. One of the fast-food restaurant companies, McDonalds offer toys with every kid’s meal, managing to get more footfalls in their restaurants. In this way, the companies not only increase their consumer base but also influence the future buyers (of course the children!). Even different food and beverage companies are playing the same card. They offer toys with their packaged food products and rope in kids favourite cartoon characters like for advertisements or product promotion. Manufacturers of children’s products take advantage of kids liking for the cartoon characters and accordingly, they advertise their products making it a highly successful market strategy.

Even in malls, there are different kid-centric activities to attract the young consumers! Even e-retailers are not far in the race with them taking a TV route to attract their potential buyers.

This race among advertisers to influence maximum kids as their target audience takes a toll on parents who complain of buying useless products.

But where to draw a line?

Parents still have an upper hand to decide on every demand of their wards. Succumbing to their kids’ demands in no way will solve the issue of the guilt feeling of spending less time with children. Kids are soft targets of marketers and it is the parents’ job to make them aware of the marketing gimmicks played by manufacturers. They should be able to explain to them the difference between a ‘programme and promotion’ or ‘information and advertisements’.

Managing time for kids is an art that every parent should learn. It is not necessary to visit a mall on every holiday. Instead, parents can try out city parks, zoos to spend some quality time with children.

Spending a nice weekend with kids is the best way to remain connected, talking more about their friends and activities they like. This way, the bond will become stronger and children can, to some extent, stay away from marketing gimmicks.

Randomfat - Friday, 5 August 2016 AT 05:24 PM IST
shut the fuck up

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30 May 2017
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