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‘I work on one muscle each day’
Juili Eklahare | Sunday, 19 March 2017 AT 07:23 PM IST
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Amit Nikam makes time for workout despite his hectic schedule and credits that for a confident and cheerful life he is leading.

When you have a hectic schedule at work, you often might find it difficult to pay attention to other things, especially your health. But Amit Nikam, 28, a processing executive who works in shifts, never lets this get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

Nikam cannot follow a plan or schedule to stay fit because of his erratic job hours. But then he abides by a few rules. Says he, “I make time for workout when I don’t have a shift. I work out six days a week, on one muscle daily. So that’s six muscles in six days for one or one and a half hours every day.”

A fitness freak, Nikam owes being so to his mother, who pushed him to exercise after Std X. So keeping fit and following a healthy diet has become a habit ever since. In fact, at that time, he would do a lot more, such as cardio, cycling, swimming etc. But now that’s a little difficult as work takes up most of his time and he can only hit the gym.

Nikam adds, “Presently, my focus is only on increasing muscle. So I am not doing any heavy or light workout, and only concentrating on middle weight workout.”

He admits that even when he is tired, he prepares himself mentally and physically to go to the gym and exercise. And just the way he follows his exercise regime so religiously, Nikam sees to it that the food he eats is right and proper too.

“I usually avoid eating oily food and have rice only once in a day. My diet includes eggs, chicken, brown rice, bread, fruits, and vegetables. Then there’s pre-workout and post-workout food that I eat. Before exercise, I have two bananas, one apple and dietary supplement oats. And while I am working out, I snack on two bananas and four eggs in order to get some energy. Once I am done with the whole workout, I drink a protein shake and eat some boiled chicken,” Nikam tells us.

But he has also had to make a few sacrifices in his pursuit of staying fit. Nikam has completely stopped eating sweets and junk food, and drinks only occasionally. To live a healthy life, he says, being disciplined about his exercise and the foods he eats, is crucial and that has brought about a splendid change in his personality. He is a lot more happy and feels more confident about himself and everything else he puts his mind to.

The author can be followed on Twitter @juilieklahare

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27 May 2017
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