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The shoe story
Amrita Prasad | Thursday, 12 January 2017 AT 01:29 PM IST
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Twentysix-year-old shoe designer, Himali Doshi, feels that the comfort factor is as important as style when designing and customising shoes.

Himali Doshi was greatly inspired by the philosophy: ‘One shoe can change your life’ in the fairytale Cinderella, which is why she grew up embellishing and adding her own personal touch to the footwear her parents bought. She went on to set up her own brand Himali Doshi Label.

The 26-year-old designer specialises in creating comfortable, stylish and customised footwear for women and has a vision for providing luxurious, handcrafted shoes for men as well. Her distinctive signature style is a fusion of impressive designs and meticulous detailing. Here’s chatting her up:
Comfort comes first-

Giving us an insight into her label, Doshi says, “My label offers a diverse range of shoes sculpted from various fabrics. Our styles reflect fashion and are classy and comfortable. We understand how painful it is to put on uncomfortable shoes. And that is why we create footwear  which focus on comfort and proper fit just as much as style and aesthetics. Our motto is not to provide just stylish shoes, but also to make sure that the comfort factor is not compromised. We select high quality components that are not only lightweight but also easy on  your feet. Every shoe has its own story and goes through endless hours of designing and testing to give you the perfect pair.”

When asked about the type of customisation her clients want in her designs, she says, today’s working and independent women not only look for a pair of highly stylish footwear but something which makes them confident too.

What’s in vogue-

Talking about current trends, Doshi says, “Light footwear is much in demand and women want a pair which they can wear for an entire day. Coming to colours, nudes are versatile and a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. But pink and blue footwear is also in vogue. Colours add an element of fun to your feet,” says the youngster who is soon going to start a label for men.

Doshi, who herself prefers flats, says every woman should own a pair of flats. Wedges, shiny gladiators, metallic sandals, canvas shoes, brogues, etc, are also in vogue.

Androgynous styles-

The year 2016 saw a lot of shift in the kind of shoe women sported. From tan brogues to white sneakers, red canvas and so on, footwear for women has become more androgynous, thus paving the path for more experimentation.

Commenting on the same, Doshi says, “This shift is amazing. It is such a brilliant change! From the most feminine heels to sporty sneakers, women are embracing everything which is giving them more options to try. Whether it is a casual get-together or a party, or you are wearing denims or a girly dress, you must never shy away from sporting brogues and sneakers.”

Today, there is more awareness about sports than before. With the craze for gymming and running marathons, the demand for sportswear fashion and athleisure has seen a sharp rise. When asked if she is planning to customise and create funky and stylish footwear for runners and fitness freaks, she quips, “Making shoes for sportswear is a little tricky and customising an entire shoe in this category needs medical supervision and vast knowledge.”

The must-have pairs in your wardrobe:

Black formal shoes: Versatile and classic, they can be worn to work and other places.

Sneakers: We all must have a pair of good sneakers for both comfort and casual look.

Stilettos: They add a lot of feminine touch to your look and go well with both your traditional and Western attires.

Sandals: Sandals are always in vogue and you can sport a lightweight sandal with anything.
Flip-flops: There is no match for the comfort you get from flip-flops. Cool, colourful and funky, they are easy to sport.

Flats: Ballerinas, loafers, slip-ons, brogues — the choices are many when it comes to flats.

The writer can be followed on twitter @amu_prasad

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28 April 2017
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