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Fee Regulation Act will be amended soon: Tawde
ST Correspondent | Monday, 15 May 2017 AT 11:02 PM IST
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MUMBAI: The schools in the State will not be allowed to make a profit out of the education business and to control them, the government is going to amend the School Fee Regulation Act very soon, Education Minister Vinod Tawde announced on Monday. Any educational institute found making a profit through the schools will have to face action from the government, he added.

CBSE and ICSE schools also cannot force the students and their parents to buy textbooks from the respective schools only.

Parents from Pune have appealed to the Education Minister over the haphazard fee hike in their children’s schools in Pune. Tawde had promised to hear them out, and a meeting with parents from 6 out of 18 schools was held in Mantralaya on Monday.

Parents from Vibgyor School, Indira National School, Euro School, Sinhgad Spring Dale Public School, Maharshi Karve Education Samstha and Immanuvel Marthoma English Medium School were present for the hearing.

Theses parents raised the issue of the fee hike in their respective schools in Pune, while the trustees of the schools raised their issues. The same issue will be raised in the fee regulatory committee in next two-three days and the issue will be resolved.

The trustees of the schools informed that the fees were raised with a formal discussion with the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) of these schools. Tawde asked them to produce a video recording of the meeting where the fees hike issue was discussed with parents. He also asked them to make a video recording of the formation of the PTA.

“The parents can appeal to the fee regulatory committee over the fee hike, but there are some flaws in the act, so the government is going to amend the act and will make it foolproof,” Tawde said.

“Next week, there is a meeting with the committee and we will discuss the issue in the meeting. We will also decide which point should be included in the act,” Tawde said.

Some parents complained that the CBSE and ICSE schools are asking the students to buy textbooks from the schools only. Tawde said that no school can make it compulsory to buy the books from the same school, they can give a list of textbooks and booksellers to the students, or display it on the notice board of the school.

A parents’ representative, Prajakta Pethkar, said that instead of conducting a meeting of only a few schools, it would have been better if all the schools were dealt with together, as they all share the same issues.

She further added, “The school management representatives had come without any evidences to back up their side. As our allegations were strong, we got the benefit and fee hike for 2017-18 was cancelled, and also now, the schools can’t force us to buy academic material from them alone. Although, the decisions look good, it has taken a lot of struggle and time on part of the parents to being about these regulations and we will not believe any words from the minister until firm action is taken.”

Mukesh Mangle of Palak Kruti Samiti also stated, “It is disheartening to see why the minister has given the schools another two-three days while the situation is crystal clear in front of him. I am not at all happy with the way the meeting has turned out. The only good thing that has come out of this is that the parent representatives will be a part of Fee Regulation Act (FRA) amendments.”

A few parents have been invited on Friday to be a part of the pioneer batch to make necessary amendments to FRA.

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