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For the love of EDM
Amrita Prasad | Friday, 19 May 2017 AT 09:14 PM IST
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Chatting up EDM artists SickFlip and Joshi who will be performing at 1 Lounge Cafe tonight.

The craze and popularity of electronic dance music (EDM) is only increasing. To treat EDM lovers in Pune, Wicked Weekends — a multi-city urban nightlife campaign — is presenting two EDM artists  SickFlip and Joshi at 1 Lounge Café tonight. Here’s chatting them up: 

Music fests help reach new music to the masses
SickFlip, aka Sarvesh Shrivastava, is a broken-beat electronica solo project from Mumbai. He has belted out worldwide digital releases for labels like High Chai Records(US), Rub A Duck recordings (Netherlands), Plain Dope Records(UK) and Sony Music, and has played across NH7 Weekender, Enchanted Valley Carnival, Vasundhara Festival and more.

“Ever since I took on a music production and DJ-ing course after my 10th grade, I was always drawn towards electronic music. Then came the dubstep (a form of dance music, typically instrumental, characterised by a sparse, syncopated rhythm and a strong bassline) phase back in 2007 or so, and I knew that this was the style I was drawn to,” says SickFlip when asked what made him choose electronic music.

When asked about the popularity of EDM, he says that the genre is an integral part of the youth culture in India at the moment. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see young teens at some remote part of the country tuning into Tomorrowland live sets, which shows that they are drawn towards the energy and adrenaline rush from the show and the music,” he says.

There is popular belief that while playing electronic music live, all that one does is play around with buttons. Commenting on the same, SickFlip says, “It’s true! Those buttons will never replace an actual instrument in any sense but they can be used to bring about some major changes.” However, one has to really know what buttons to push, when and how, because even though you are pushing buttons and not actually playing an instrument, there has to be a lot of thought involved in what you are doing behind the laptop.”

SickFlip believes that playing original music is always fresh and exciting, and he loves having interesting visuals at a show to keep things fresh besides just dishing out music.  He is currently working on his next release to be launched this year. Commenting on the impact of music festivals in India, SickFlip says, “Music festivals have a very important role to play in exposing the masses / non-listeners to new music and culture very directly.”

The author can be followed on Twitter @amu_prasad

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29 May 2017
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