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Chinese balloons make presence felt, catch the fancy of Pune’s children
Sakal Times | Thursday, 22 October 2015 AT 11:48 PM IST
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Pune: Colourful Chinese balloons modeled after cartoon characters have caught the fancy of Pune's children this festive season.

While balloons floating mid-air have always been a mesmerising sight, these Chinese balloons have gone beyond the conventional colours and are available in plenty of shapes, designs, sizes and colours.    

Speaking to Sakal Times, Pukhraj Jain of Rangila Enterprises at Shukrawar Peth said that the sale of conventional balloons has dropped drastically.

“Instead, Chinese-made 'Winnie the Pooh' balloons are very much in trend at present. Apart from this, balloons in the shape of Doremon, Chhota Bheem and others that come in bright neon colours are very popular among children,” he said. Street vendors are now purchasing more of these balloons from stores and re-selling them at various locations, especially traffic signals, parks and temples.

According to Jain, despite the exorbitant prices, Chinese balloons are being sold by the dozen by hundreds of vendors. “Vendors are purchasing more of these balloons because children are more attracted to them. Even though Indian-made balloons are cheaper, they are not preferred,” Jain said.

A balloon vendor on MG Road, Dinesh Tambatkar, said that people are ready to shell out more money to purchase these fancy balloons. “While conventional balloons cost anywhere between Rs 15 and Rs 20, Chinese balloons cost about Rs 50 each. However, people are willing to buy them and  I sell more  Chinese balloons than Indian ones every day,” he said.

Resident Sharayu Kumbhar said that her children do not settle for the round or heart-shaped balloons any more. “These new balloons are really attractive. My children no longer prefer regular balloons when they see brighter and fancier balloons with the vendor. Another reason for the popularity of such balloons is that children watch these cartoon characters on television regularly and have connected with the characters.”


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30 May 2017
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