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Puneites lax in reporting illegal flow of funds during civic polls
Rujuta Parekh | Friday, 17 February 2017 AT 12:31 AM IST
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Pune: While the Pune Income Tax Department has launched a dedicated toll-free number to register information pertaining to flow of funds during the civic elections, the response to the same has been lax.

Among the motives of launching the toll-free number in November last year was to keep tabs on the financial transactions during the upcoming civic elections. The I-T Department officials had stated that the opening of the toll-free line saw an overwhelming response in the phase after demonetisation was announced.

Officials had stated that they were receiving as many as 100 phone calls daily to provide information about illegal conversion of black money into white, chartered accountants, executives and persons that are illegally facilitating the conversion of black money into accounted money or people who have amassed undisclosed incomes.

However, the officials added that with regard to the civic elections, the response on the toll-free number has not been as good as was expected. Highly placed sources from the city I-T  commissionerate said that the number of phone calls being received by them is negligible.

“We are not getting too many phone calls to provide details about the financial transactions being conducted or the flow of funds related to the upcoming municipal elections. The number is quite small as against what we expected,” the officials said.

They added that even the few calls being received are not providing credible information. “We have received certain calls on the toll-free number making allegations against certain candidates. People just call and tell us that this candidate has a lot of money amassed at home or that candidate is distributing money in a certain locality. But none of this information is authentic or credible enough for us to take some action,” the officials said.


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30 May 2017
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