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Punekars are losing their precious siesta
Prajakta Joshi | Friday, 17 February 2017 AT 12:25 AM IST
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Pune: There is no easier way of getting onto a Punekar’s wrong side than disturbing their precious afternoon nap between 1 pm to 4 pm. But that is exactly what political campaigners are doing these days - robbing many Punekars of the siesta and bombarding them with pamphlets.

As political leaders across the city contesting in the civic elections this year carry out campaigning in the last few days before the polling day, the common man in Pune is left annoyed due to the nuisance created by the innumerable pamphlets distributed by all candidates over and again and the campaigners ringing doorbells at any hour of the day.

“Almost every day, I get a bunch of political pamphlets, some distributed by the campaigners or ones that come in the newspaper,” said Seema Vartak, a resident of Sahakar Nagar. These pamphlets, she said, of different shapes and sizes, create a lot of garbage in the house.

“They keep falling everywhere in the house. I don’t know why these people distribute so many pamphlets as hardly anybody reads anything in them. Moreover, nowadays these people have also started distributing booklets. In our area, campaigners visit all day round, sometimes as late as 10 pm. It’s very annoying to entertain these people at the end of a long day,” she said.

Disturbing siesta time

Puneites are known to cherish their siesta time between 1 pm to 4 pm. So, the campaigners visiting households during these hours are seen as a trouble by most people. AL Dubey, a retd. DRDO officer residing in Aundh, said that political leaders should restrict their campaigns only to television and public speeches and spare the common people of their visits. “These campaigners visit our homes at any time of the day whatsoever and disturb us even during our naptime and meals. They will ring the doorbell until we open the door and have no regard for the fact that the person in the house may be busy,” Dubey said.

He added, “The campaigners print and distribute new pamphlets almost every other day. It is really frustrating to see the amount of money they spend on these silly activities. Moreover, some even distribute gifts. All this breeds corruption as they eventually recover all this money from public once they are elected.” >>Contd on P2

Many housing societies as well as individual flat owners in the city have put up boards stating that campaigners are not allowed to enter from noon to 4 pm and if they do so, they will not be chosen by the voters in that area.

Campaigners don’t just annoy the Puneites, but also the outsiders living in the city. Tanmayee Joglekar from Sangli who stays off Paud Road said, “Whenever any of these political leaders come to our house, we tell them that we are not from Pune and we don’t vote here. However, they still give us the pamphlets and tell us to pass them on to the owners. We have bunches of pamphlets and booklets in our house, while not having to do anything with the elections. Many outsiders residing in our locality too complain of a similar problem. Also, what most people here find ironical is that while the political leaders make promises of environmental conservation in their propaganda, they are wasting so much paper in the name of campaigning on the other hand.”


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30 May 2017
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