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‘Her’ dignity must be PROTECTED
MEGHA V CHOUDHARY | Sunday, 8 January 2017 AT 01:53 PM IST
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Every year, on New Year’s Eve, the police book a number of people for reckless driving, drunk driving and driving triple seat. It seems that the police just want to issue challans to these offenders and their job is done. What about the safety of women? Do they really care when a woman gets molested in full public view? Do the police book anyone for molesting women during this time of year when people come out on streets to bid adieu to the past year and welcome the New Year?

What happened in Bengaluru followed by Delhi on New Year’s Eve brought shame to the entire nation. A large number of women were allegedly molested by mobs on MG Road and Brigade Road on the New Year’s Eve in the IT capital of the country when the entire nation was busy in merry making. Similarly, in another incident, a woman was groped by two men who wanted to have ‘fun’. These women will never forget the horrifying incident, the scars of which will surely haunt them till the end of their life.

If this was not enough, Karnataka home minister’s shocking and irresponsible statement once again proved that men still see woman as a commodity and that she should adhere to the bindings set for her by the male dominated Indian society. The minister, G Parameshwara, had said, “This kind of things do happen during New Year’s Eve.” He attributed it to the ‘youths aping the Western culture blindly’.

Who should be blamed?
We make tall claims about safety and security of women, the government makes policies on women’s safety and even NGOs claim they are contributing towards women’s safety but despite all these, the number of crimes against women goes up every year. Many women went through the ‘painful ordeal’ after the Nirbhaya incident in 2012, but till date, no stern rules have been made to curb crimes against women and no strict punishment given to the offenders.

Legal system

To some extent, our legal system is at fault as it fails to provide justice to victims and strict punishment for the offenders. Though 2016 saw many historical verdicts in rape cases, it is still not sufficient to curb these crimes.

Easy access to  pornography
At midnight, especially in slums, one can notice groups of youths sitting on bus stops engrossed on their mobile phones. It is not difficult to guess what they watch. Frequent viewing of the porn sites ‘pollute’ the minds of young adults. With low-cost Internet and easy access to such sites, these youngsters get addicted to pornography. It is more likely for them to imitate what they watch on these sites.

Some of our lawmakers could be blamed for protecting the ‘sick men mentality’ in the guise of ‘youths aping the West’. Instead of condemning such acts, many of our lawmakers make irresponsible remarks. They  blame the Western culture for the increasing rapes in the country. Surprisingly, crimes against women are far less in most of the western countries as compared to India. These politicos prove that cheap political gimmick is a shrewd way to run away from the responsibilities. The only way to wake them up from the deep slumber is to sack them and declare them ‘impotent’ to contest the polls.

Instead of hyping such reports, the media should talk about awareness and corrective measures to curb crimes against women. They should play a proactive role in making India a livable place for women with dignity. Photojournalists were busy taking snaps of the entire incident of molestation on Bengaluru streets but no one dared to stop the hooligans. Is this how the media persons should behave?

Let’s be sensitive

It is high time when every individual including women and girls whether urban or rural, should understand that ‘she’ is not a commodity or medium of entertainment or fun or pleasure for anyone. The way man is adapting to modernisation, a woman should also put her best foot forward to prove her prowess by all means and gender bias and crime against women should be a thing of the past.

Similarly, the ‘sick’ men and politicos should remember that a woman’s short clothes don’t give licence to men to molest her. You cheer for an athlete competing in a sporting event wearing a sports outfit but if a woman in your society roams around wearing ‘minis’, you get provoked? Why don’t these men respect all women irrespective of what they wear and control their ‘instincts’! Our society should boycott the person who commits a crime against woman whether it is rape, molestation or domestic violence.

There should be stringent laws and speedy trials for rape and molestation cases. Joint and concerted efforts are needed to stop those who malign the image of the country with dark spots of rape and molestation. It is the time for all to be sensitive towards the ‘XX’ gender and make India a livable place for ‘her’ with dignity.

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30 May 2017
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