29 May 2017 | Last updated 02:31 PM

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EDM’s growth has led to a surge in homegrown talent
Sakal Times | Friday, 19 May 2017 AT 09:00 PM IST
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EDM artist Rishabh Joshi, who is popularly known as Joshi in the music circuit, hails from Goa and debuted at Goa’s Sunburn in 2013 and since then has continued to impress audiences around the country. Playing  at festivals like Tomorrowland: Unite 2016, Enchanted Valley Carnival and Sunburn, Joshi has released compilations alongside Tiesto, Arty, Audien, Ferry Corsten, BT and many others. He is the only Indian to be signed with the prestigious Armada Music — Armin Van Buuren’s label.

“I love listening to almost all genres of music within the electronic space, be it hip-hop, trap, pop, electro or deep house. Because of this kind of exposure, versatility is also reflected in my shows and sets, and I like to mix things up at the club,” says Joshi.

Commenting how these festivals are helping create awareness about a particular genre, he says, “Festivals in India have given homegrown talent an amazing platform to showcase their work on a truly international scale. With each passing year, the popularity of these festivals is directly contributing to an increased fan base for electronic music which then results in an increased following for homegrown talent as well. This increased interest in electronic music has also resulted in an increasing number of aspiring producers and DJs who are eager to showcase their talent.”

Ask him about the live music scene in India and Joshi says that it has quite a strong presence here.  “Music in some form or the other is practically in every Indians’ DNA. Our culture is well rooted in music. Live music adds a spark to creating a great vibe and therefore can make for a great nightout!”

That said, the recently held Justin Bieber concert received a lot of flak. Does it mean we aren’t ready to host concerts on such a huge scale? Joshi disagrees on this and says that it’s unfair for people to criticise the Bieber concert just because he was lip syncing a few tracks.

He emphasises, “In fact, I thought the crowd’s energy, and production value of the Purpose Tour was quite incredible. Right from the visuals, to the dancers, to the pyro sand fireworks, everything worked so seamlessly well. Pulling off a concert of such a magnitude is no easy task, and I definitely believe India is ready to host a lot more of these in the near future!”

Coming to the EDM scene in India, artists like Nucleya, Lost Stories, Sartek, (S)haan and so on have created a space for themselves in the EDM circuit. But how receptive is the Pune audience?  “EDM is extremely popular in Pune. Being a vibrant city with a lot of young students and professionals that actively follow electronic artists and music, there is definitely a strong EDM culture here,” says Joshi adding that one can also see strong influences of EDM in mainstream Bollywood movies nowadays.

Telling us what it takes to be an EDM artist, Joshi says, “I think a lot of hard work, incredible perseverance and an almost obsessive passion for electronic music is essential to become a good artist within this space.” Currently, Joshi is rebranding his artist project in a new direction, to incorporate a lot of India-focussed concepts, sounds and ideas into his music.

Sickflip and Joshi will perform at 1 Lounge Café, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annex tonight (May 20) from 9 pm onwards. Club rules apply.

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29 May 2017
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