27 April 2017 | Last updated 05:51 PM

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Anukriti Sharma | Tuesday, 28 March 2017 AT 09:40 PM IST
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Amit Anand, founder of We Create Genius, shares the idea behind his startup and how they help youngsters make the right academic and career choices.

It is said, ‘Geniuses are made, not born’. But you should know what you want to do so that your hard work and determination is used in the right direction. Delhi-based startup We Create Genius helps youngsters recognise their interests and talents to pursue the right career. Amit Anand, founder, We Create Genius, too, was pursuing BTech before actually realising that it is not his cup of tea. After a lot of tussle, he convinced his family that he would not be pursuing the course. Now, with his startup, he is trying to help others acknowledge the infinite possibilities in the fields they are interested in.

Anand claims that his passion lies in interacting with people and knowing what is actually going on in their mind. He initially took a bio-metric test which helped him know what subjects he is good at and what he should be pursuing as a career option. This gave him an idea that if he was so clueless about his passion initially, the same must be happening with so many other students as well. He says, “It is then that I decided to involve technology with research which means we take a psychometric test to analyse students’ learning styles, academic approach, extracurricular interests, thus making their academic and professional career choices simpler with optimum level performance.”

He further shares that people are not born with knowledge about subjects, they have to acquire it with time. Anand adds, “People struggle a lot due to parental pressure and not knowing what they are good at, which eventually leads them to choose a wrong career and stay unhappy. We help you know which subject can be your preference in future.”

Our startup is mainly into mind-oriented training programmes, namely Mid-Brain Activation Programme, Quantum Speed Reading, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, Parenting Seminars and so on. Comprising a group of enthusiastic professionals, they strive to learn and share abundant knowledge that help individuals do wonders with their hidden talent. Anand further adds, “Before and even after starting this startup, money was the main question that everyone asked about. But I believe in the theory of ‘Make a life, not a living’ and want to help people achieve what they actually deserve.”

The writer can be followed on twitter @sh_anukriti

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27 April 2017
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