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Anjali Jhangiani | Friday, 17 February 2017 AT 09:08 PM IST
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Comedian Azeem Banatwalla is bringing his show Cometh The Hour to Pune this weekend.

Here, he answers questions based on the topics he will cover in the show.

Azeem Banatwalla, the lanky one from East India Comedy group, is excited about touring the country with his new show. With lots of new material targeted at making you fall off your chair laughing, Cometh The Hour has Azeem talking about everything from confused African kids to religion, road rage to travel, and his USP — married life. Here’s a quick chat with the comedian.

Why are you talking about African kids in your new act?
Because not enough people do, man. It’s raising awareness through comedy and fighting capitalism. No, I’m kidding. They’re just part of an over-elaborate joke about babies.

What are the three most essential things you pack if you’re traveling?
Noise-cancelling headphones to fight renegade babies, a power bank to keep my life charged, and perfume to remind myself of the ladies I can’t attract because I’m married.

What do you like most about traveling?

I like that it takes me away from my desk where I’m constantly trying to break my head and write funny things.

What is your favourite thing about airports?
Nothing! I hate all of them! The only thing that makes airports slightly tolerable is the lounge. I pretend to be rich and sneak in, but they end up chasing me away.

What are the places you have on your bucket list and why?
Scandinavia for the Northern Lights, New Zealand for skydiving and adventure sports, and Pune, to be driven mad by people on two-wheelers.

When you’re driving, what kind of music do you karaoke to?
Depends on the day I’m having. Love ballads on late night drives and death metal when I’m stuck in traffic.

How will you talk your way out of a challan (fine) if you’re caught by a traffic police personnel?
Since I’m in Maharashtra, I will do the only thing that works — attempt to speak Marathi. Given how terrible my Marathi is, the officer will see that my money is better spent on language classes than fines, and let me go!

What aspects of your married life will you be talking about in your new show?
Well, you’ll have to buy a ticket and find out, won’t you?! I have around 20 minutes about my married life and everything it takes to get (and more importantly, remain) married.

What pearls of wisdom do you have to share with newly married men?
For newly married men, I recommend you enjoy it while you can! And if you want to be prepared for what’s to come, come listen to my bit on married life. It’s better than any coaching class you’ll ever find!

What effect has married life had on you so far?
It’s made me a better man and driven me insane, and possibly given me a multiple personality disorder.

ST Reader Service-

Cometh The Hour — Comedy Special by Azeem Banatwalla will be held at Classic Rock Coffee Co, Kalyani Nagar on Feb 18, 7 pm
Tickets available on: eastindiacomedy.com/tickets

The writer can be followe don twitter @purplesaga

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30 May 2017
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