29 May 2017 | Last updated 02:31 PM

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Make your food last longer
Anukriti Sharma | Friday, 19 May 2017 AT 08:38 AM IST
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Use the old method of fermentation and pickling to preserve food in summer

Back in the day when there were no refrigerators, pickling and fermentation were the only available options to keep your food safe from getting spoilt in summer. But sometimes pickles would go bad.

Chef Paul Kinny, culinary director, Bellona Hospitality, says, “A lot of time the pickles that we prepare at home are ruined due to fungus or they become too dry which takes away the essence from them. So the best solution to save your pickles from drying is to create a layer of oil on top of the container which can keep the pickle from getting too dry.”

But the chef also points out that there is a thin line between pickling and fermentation which people usually miss out on. Oil and vinegar are considered as one of the most prominent natural food preservatives that people usually use at home. There is a really interesting food item which can be prepared through fermentation called Sauerkraut which only requires cabbage, salt, and some sort of a container to store it while it’s undergoing fermentation.

People also prepare yoghurt and cottage cheese at home during summer since the heat makes it easier to prepare.

Kinny further adds, “Salting is also an option which involves soaking the food items in salt water to protect them during summer. But make sure you don’t use salting for softer food items since it will give them a mushy texture. Drying food items with salt acts as a natural preservative and also removes excessive moisture from the product.”

But it is actually the non-vegetarian food items that people should be extra careful about. “For example, don’t thaw all the prawns and then keep the extra back in the fridge since that will spoil them faster. For chicken, make sure you cook and keep it in the fridge instead of keeping it in the raw form,” he shares.

Usually, fruits can handle certain temperatures but Kinny suggests simple measures like wrapping bananas in paper and then storing them in the fridge to make them last longer this season.

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29 May 2017
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