30 May 2017 | Last updated 11:41 PM

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What matters for you more, #likes# or your life?
MEGHA V CHOUDHARY | Saturday, 6 February 2016 AT 10:34 PM IST
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For the past couple of years, the entire world has been witnessing a rise in selfie craze. Though there is nothing wrong in clicking the best selfie, it is mindless to risk your life in doing so. Anticipating more and more likes on social networking sites is what is driving youths crazy for adventurous selfie attempts. Your picture will get a huge number of ‘likes’ but you should be alive to count those likes, as according to the stats, India has a dubious distinction in selfie deaths.

Youngsters are so obsessed that they go to the extreme to click their selfies. Some want the speeding train in the background while some opt for killer waves in the ocean and some fall off mountains, cliffs or tall buildings or waterfalls in attempting a dangerous streak while some are fascinated to taking a selfie with dangerous wild animals. This is really horrible!

‘Update’ craze: Whenever people go for outings, especially youngsters, they are always glued to their hi-tech gadgets, constantly checking their Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and other social networking sites. They update each and every activity. In this ‘update’ race, they completely ignore the scenic beauty of the place they are venturing into. It is really funny to note that these crazy bunches witness the beauty of the place through the lenses of their mobile phones while clicking selfies. They don’t explore the place to the maximum, instead they constantly look for best background to click selfie snap.

What can curb them: Recently, 14 Pune-based students drowned at Murud beach while on a college picnic. Taking a cue from the incident, the education department temporarily banned picnics near seashores and beaches. Should such harsh decisions be taken like banning photography at places such as mountains, cliffs, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, railway tracks, etc, where people take maximum selfies, making all roads and traffic areas no camera/no picture taking zones, and imposing fine on violators to avoid selfie mishaps? Will this solve the purpose of saving a life? No. People will find other alternatives and places to try this dangerous streak. 

There is no harm in clicking selfies but not at the cost of your life. One needs to be extra careful as risking your life for maximum #likes# and #comments# on social networking sites is not a great idea.

Stats will shock you
Feb 2016
A 16-year-old boy was killed by a passenger train while taking a selfie with the approaching train in Chennai.
Jan 2016
An 18-year-old woman slipped and drowned at Mumbai’s Bandra Bandstand while taking a selfie with her friends.
Nov 2015
Two engineering students of Vadhvan, Gujarat, drowned in Narmada Canal after slipping down the bank while taking selfies.
Sept 2015
An engineering student died while taking selfies with friends at Kolli Hills, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, when the rock on which he was standing cracked and gave way, plunging him 60 feet and causing his death from head injuries.
March 2015
Seven youths drowned while taking selfies on Mangrul Lake near Kuhi, about 20 km from Nagpur. Their boat had tipped over as they were standing up to pose.
Jan 2015
Three students aged 20 to 22 died trying to take a ‘daredevil selfie’ close to an oncoming train.

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30 May 2017
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