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Self-centred or not?
Juili Eklahare | Thursday, 12 January 2017 AT 11:41 AM IST
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You may have seen girls trying to make the perfect pout for the ‘awesome’ selfie to put up on their Facebook timeline or Instagram account. Or boys sporting spiky hair à la Cristiano Ronaldo and riding mean machines. Well, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting cool looks and riding super bikes, but a majority of today’s youngsters hooked to social media and technology seem to be self-centred, living in their own little bubble of selfies and fun. We ask the youngsters whether they are far removed from reality or are they doing their bit for society?         

You will seldom find a youngster today who is not self-centred, because they all are. I think being self-centred is important to a certain extent, because that’s how you survive in today’s world. But it’s also important to understand to what extent you are paying attention to yourself before it starts getting on someone’s nerves.
— Ray Mathew, 24, Software Developer, Chennai

There is no doubt that youngsters today are self-obsessed. I am a little like that too. Social media is the perfect place to observe the increasing narcissism among youngsters. Many start believing that the virtual world is real, and that leads to unnecessary expectations and living up to them. But insulating yourself from the real world will only prove harmful.
— Shreya Bais, 23, Recruiting HR, Korba, Chhattisgarh

There’s no denying the fact that today’s youth is self-centred! It’s even safe to call them attention seekers. I wouldn’t say that they are not empathetic, but they themselves are their first priorities. They often go overboard with the simplest and smallest things like how they look or what people think if they wore a certain outfit or were seen with certain people. And this has also led to many youngsters being extremely fake in the way they talk or behave. Communication with the real world has drastically reduced, thanks to social media. For instance, if you go on a trip with your friends, instead of spending quality time, a major chunk of it is wasted on taking selfies, only so that it can be posted on Facebook to show the world what a great time you had.
— Shweta Melwani, 24, Community Operations Specialist, Hyderabad

Today’s youth is really mature for their age, is what I strongly believe. If you look around, a majority of them are involved in doing some really great things, from working in NGOs, living their dreams, and achieving challenging feats. They all have their minds open and are growing in every way possible. Many youngsters start their own social work groups, which I think is very inspiring, and often think of the most creative ways to come forward to do their bit for society.
— Pradip Belhekar, 25, Law student, Yashwantrao Law College, Laxmi Nagar

The author can be followed on Twitter @juilieklahare

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28 April 2017
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