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Silences are louder than words
Debarati Palit Singh | Friday, 23 January 2015 AT 08:19 PM IST
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They are young and full of life. When the star cast of Khamoshiyan — Ali Fazal, Gurmeet Choudhary and Sapna Pabbi — accompanied by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt visited Sakal Times office last week, it was hard to miss their bonding. The Vishesh Films’ production directed by Karan Darra is an erotic supernatural story. The film releases on Jan 30.

In a quick chat with us, the actors spoke about their roles and what they have learnt from Mahesh Bhatt...

Can you tell us a little bit about your respective characters in the film?

Sapna: I play the character of Meera, a young girl. She has lots of secrets within her and there are different shades to her personality. She is silent about many things.  

Ali: That’s what we are showing in the film, that ‘Silences are louder than words’. In relationships, silences are very important. As far as my character is concerned, he is a rule-breaker. He never finishes what he starts. He gets involved in this triangular love scenario which is the worst thing to happen.

Gurmeet: I play a Kashmiri boy who is charming. When I was offered the role, I was worried if I will be able to do such a powerful role. When it’s your first film, you are already nervous. I took almost 20 days to think. But then I started doing my home work and made videos as to how the character behaves in the film etc. When I went to Karan (Darra) with it, he was very excited. We worked on the character.

Gurmeet, you are a popular TV actor. In fact, your female fans still consider you Lord Ram (his first show was Ramayan). Will they be shocked or surprised with the film and your role?

(Laughs) When I did Ramayan, I remember everyone told me that I won’t be able to do any other role. In fact, there is this buzz in the media that once you work in a mythological serial, you only get offered mythological shows. But I broke the myth and played a romantic hero in Geet. I am known as the romantic and action hero of TV. The day the trailer of the film launched, I was so nervous. But soon, I started getting messages from girls on Twitter, ‘Gurmeet you are looking hot’.

We got several positive responses which was a good sign.

Ali, we have mostly seen you play sweet and lovable characters. How different is this one?

It’s very different. I am excited about the film. Let’s see how the audience reacts to it. Each one of us has been challenged on personal level. There are lots of responsibilities on our shoulders because there are only three or four characters in the film.

What has been your take-away from the film, from Mahesh Bhatt? You had the chance to work with him both during the making of the film and now during its promotions?

Gurmeet: It’s difficult to make a film but it’s very important to promote a film. Bhattsaab’s energy in promoting the film is terrific. For the last few days, we have been promoting it together and trust me, the level of energy put in by the three of us is nowhere close to his. I always thought that I had a high level of energy but now I think I have nothing.

Sapna: We learnt a lot from Maheshji. We have to communicate with each other, talk and air our voice because if we do not speak, we will not be heard.

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