23 May 2017 | Last updated 09:19 AM

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MSEDCL set to purchase power in order to reduce load-shedding
ST Correspondent | Friday, 19 May 2017 AT 11:22 PM IST
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Pune: Officials from Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) said the power distribution utility procured 263 MW in April from the exchange and carried out a bilateral power purchase agreement for 500 MW in  May to reduce load-shedding.

Clarifying that the current load-shedding was not a result of MSEDCL’s cash crunch, officials told Sakal Times that the peak demand for power is in the months of April and May and was observed in the range of 19,000 MW to 19,600 MW.

They added that the availability of 2,000 MW from Adani and RattanIndia private generators was reduced because of unavailability of coal and Maharashtra State Electricity Generation Company Limited (MSEGCL), generating units of 1,500 MW capacity, was under forced outage because of technical issues. They added that in April and May there was an increase in demand of around 2,000 MW because of the heatwave.

The officials stated that to balance load and generation, MSEDCL had to implement emergency load-shedding on high loss feeders of G1, G2, G3, E and F group from  April 27 to May 6 as per power supply position. They added that since the required relief was not received from these high loss feeders, it is further required to implement load-shedding on the lower loss feeder and AG feeder for short duration.

The officials said MSEDCL has taken efforts to reduce load-shedding by bringing all contracted generating capacity on par from Marchend and procured 300 MW to 1,800 MW power from the exchange in April and May and resorted to 300 MW to 1,500 MW load-shedding only.

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23 May 2017
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