30 May 2017 | Last updated 11:41 PM

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Campaigning via auto loudspeakers also an irritant
Anamika Nandedkar | Friday, 17 February 2017 AT 12:29 AM IST
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Pune: Loudspeakers blaring songs and narratives about candidates contesting the civic elections are fast becoming a nuisance for many who prefer peace and tranquility of their locality.

The rickshaws generally promote a particular candidate or a party, giving detailed accounts of work done till now or excerpts of manifesto. It is often accompanied by a song, which is parody of popular Bollywood or Marathi songs. Many Puneites, specially women, are taking to social media to raise their voice against this menace. Many have kids studying for exams, while some have ailing senior citizens who get disturbed because of this loud campaigning style.

Dipika Gupta, a resident in a society in Baner, said she is quite fed up of this ‘loud’ campaigning style. “My house is on the first floor and faces the main road.
Around 2-3 autorickshaw campaigners pass from this road every day with loudspeakers that play campaign songs. It is very irritating,” she said.

Many women lashed out at this style of campaigning on various Pune-related Facebook pages this week, saying it should be banned.

“My daughter is in class 12 and the loud noise disturbs her while she is studying for her exams. It is very bad for her concentration,” a mother complained on the largest Facebook group for women in Pune, PULA. “Votes should be earned through the work towards society done by a person,” said another housewife residing in Pune.  

Mini Mehta, a resident of Wanawadi, echoed the sentiments of her friends and said because of the ruckus the loudspeakers create, especially during the afternoons, she is inclined not to vote for the candidate who uses this means for campaigning.


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30 May 2017
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