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Come, fall in love!
Amrita Prasad | Friday, 19 May 2017 AT 08:49 PM IST
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Meet Me on the Meadow, a 90-minute dance-theatre musical which will première in the city on May 23, will replay Radha-Krishna’s epic love story through dance, music, poetry, paintings and digital multimedia

The eternal love story of Radha-Krishna has timeless appeal and transcends borders and cultures. It has inspired many artists and has been depicted in several artworks, plays, films, etc. Meet Me on the Meadow, a 90-minute dance-theatre musical which will première in the city on May 23, will be a retake of this epic love story. A ballet of glamour and grandeur, it will be an amalgamation of dance, music, poetry, paintings, digital multimedia and so on.

Written, directed and produced by architect-artist and founder of The Renuka Foundation, Anita Kulkarni, the musical tells the story of a modern-day girl who is separated from her soulmate and feels devastated. “When her lover returns, he professes his true love for her, drawing parallels from Radha-Krishna’s love story in a captivating act,” says Kulkarni who has been interpreting classical Indian art for the global audience for quite sometime now. “The sensory journey of alternating between the past and present will make Meet Me on the Meadow very appealing to the audience,” she adds.

Kulkarni, who has also assisted in the music composition of the musical besides lending her paintings to add to the visual appeal, says, “We have used the sitar, flute, santoor, tabla, percussions, harmonium and sound engineering. The tempo and mood of the music is in accordance to the rhythm of the dance and emotion of the scene. I have avoided Hindi, Brajbhasha or Bhojpuri in the composition because I wanted to keep it for a global audience. So mostly we have taken taranas and instrumental music which will appeal to all.”

Makarand Brahme, a veteran theatre and video-making artist who is in the play’s core team, brings a rare blend of skills to the act, which will also see Kathak dancer Shreyashee Nag and Bharatnatyam dancer Parimal Phadke playing lead characters, besides other dancers and artists.

“It had to be a love story because I love the way human minds interact. Also, I wanted to portray Radha-Krishna in a certain way and send across the beautiful message of their  love story. Living in the USA and seeing the Western society from close quarters, time and again I am reminded of our Indian values and ancient wisdom which says a lot about endurance and compassion, selfless love, forgiveness and so on. I wanted to uphold these values through this production,” says Kukarni. 

The musical is the result of a year-long effort and relentless passion of dancers, musicians and people who have created the animation and graphics — all working together to create the mesmerising piece.

The impact of multimedia
Giving us a further peek into the show, Brahme, who is the creative consultant, executive producer and multi-media designer for Meet Me on the Meadows, says, “It is almost like a feature film. The 90-minute visual and musical extravaganza will have special effects, matching with the live dance and script. To create more drama, we will have three different screens and there will be visual interactions between them as well as the artist, stage and lighting.” 

Brahme and his team have also used a lot of Kulkarni’s paintings and digital technology to go with the poetry, narration and dialogues. “The amalgamation of various arts and crafts will create a unique theatrical experience for the audience,” concludes Brahme.
Where:  Yashvantrao Chavan
Natyagruh, Kothrud  
When: Tuesday, May 23,
7.30 pm onwards
Bookings: www.ticketees.com

The author can be followed on Twitter @amu_prasad

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29 May 2017
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