30 May 2017 | Last updated 11:41 PM

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Could you be suffering from lifestyle disorders?
MEGHA V CHOUDHARY | Saturday, 25 June 2016 AT 09:11 PM IST
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Today, the 24x7X365 days work culture is taking a toll on working professionals and the youths are the major victims of this. With lifestyle diseases triggering fast amongst this lot, one cannot rule out the possibility of 50 per cent of the youth population suffering from some kind of lifestyle disorders in coming years.

High cholesterol, blood pressure and Body Mass Index (a mark of obesity), alcohol use and sodium-rich diet triggered more deaths in the year 2013 compared to 1990, suggests a new study.

According to Dr Prashant Munishwar (general physician), there has been an increase in number of patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, behavioural problems, high cholesterol and obesity. “Twenty per cent of my patients are diabetic and for a general physician, this percentage is high. Previously, people above 40 to 45 years of age had such diseases, but now people as young as 18 are diabetic and this is shocking. Though genetic factor also has its role, one cannot rule out the possibility of unhealthy lifestyle contributing to triggering such health hazards,” said Dr Munishwar.

“One in every three patients is suffering from hypertension with an average age of 35 years and this rate is alarming,” says Dr Munishwar, adding, “Apart from hectic and stressful life, what you eat also plays an important role in keeping you healthy or unhealthy. Excessive intake of oil and spicy food coupled with sodium increases the risk factor,” he cautions.

People who eat a high-calorie diet without adequate exercise are at greater risk. “Such food doesn’t cleanse your system, instead, it adds more inches to your tummy apart from other health hazards such as high blood pressure and inducing cardiovascular diseases,” he added.

According to a US-based software professional Varun Sahu, longer working hours with a pressure of deadline make it worst. One has to learn how to reach the equilibrium.

“While in the mall one day, I suddenly fainted only to find myself in hospital when I regained  consciousness,” adds Varun. The doctors conducted all medical tests to diagnose the reason but couldn’t find anything. Then after a counselling session, the reason was revealed. “I was overstressed and this was taking a toll on my overall well-being,” he added. Many of us don’t even realise that we are suffering from any kind of lifestyle diseases.

Another such example is a city-based automobile engineer, who doesn’t want to reveal his identity. In 2014, he had to undergo an operation to remove a blood clot developed in his left eye because of sugar and high cholesterol. It was because of that clot, he came to know that he has sugar, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

“Thankfully, the clot was detected early without any damage to my eye. Every individual, who has a hectic lifestyle coupled with mental stress should undergo a routine check-up for early detection of any kind of lifestyle disorder,” he said. An overstressed person loses his temper very often but doesn’t realise that the stress is affecting his mental well-being, says Bhagyashri Mastud, mind-body-soul healer, who treats her patients with crystal and music therapy.

“Today, a majority of IT professionals are suffering from some kind of mental stress leading to changes in their behavioural patterns. They don’t even except that they are struggling with mental stress which takes a toll on their overall well-being. This sometimes even lead to suicide,” Bhagyashri said.

According to her, daily every individual should devote at least five minutes for him/ herself giving a pause to their noisy brain.
Devote time for your favourite activity – listen to music, play any kind of sport or simply sit quiet doing nothing... the choice is yours!

With changing work culture, the lifestyle diseases are fast spreading and Gen X is finding it difficult to cope. They can’t keep themselves away from the clutches of these diseases or disorders until and unless they adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s high time youths take charge of their health and switch to a healthy lifestyle and try to restrict their alcohol, tobacco consumption and smoking and add at least a five-minute workout to their daily regime. Live healthy, live longer!

People working in shifts are more  prone to strokes
n Rotating shifts can disrupt the body clock and put you at increased risk of severe ischemic strokes, which occur when blood flow is cut off to a part of the brain, suggests a US-based study. According to one of the researchers, David Earnest, Professor at Texas A&M Health Science Centre College of Medicine in the US, it is not the longer hours or weird hours, but the change in the timing of waking, sleeping and eating every few days that ‘unwinds’ our body clocks and makes it difficult for them to maintain their natural, 24-hour cycle. When body clocks are disrupted, as they are when people go to bed and get up at radically different times every few days, there can be a major impact on health.

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30 May 2017
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