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Kharvas and Panacotta, anyone?
Ambika Shaligram | Thursday, 20 April 2017 AT 09:28 PM IST
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Shreyas Restaurant is organising a Jugalbandi Food Festival starting today. Shweta Chitale shares the lip-smacking menu and details of the festival.

Have you tried Modak with Momos? Or how about Varanphal and Ravioli? And, a bite of Kharvas along with Panacotta? What tastes better? Our desi, Maharashtrian goodies or their international counterparts?
Well, if you want to know for yourself, then you have to attend Shreyas restaurant’s three-day Jugalbandi Food Festival starting today. It’s certainly not a new theme, but coming from brand Shreyas, it’s a little surprising. Known for its delicious Maharashtrian spread, why the need to serve Continental, Mediterranean or Pan-Asian dishes? Is it their way to reach out to more youngsters whose taste buds crave for multi-cuisine dishes?

“Well, yes. But Shreyas’ outdoor catering service, Shree Caterers, has already been serving all these food items — from Pasta to Pizza to Risotto. We look after the catering of Gharkul Lawns, Suvarna Smruti Hall, etc so our chefs are trained to rustle up these dishes. But it’s not widely known and that’s what we intend to do with this Jugalbandi Food Festival — to let Punekars know that Shreyas team is equally at home with international cuisines,” informs Shweta Chitale, the third generation owner.

The festival will offer 10 food pairs — from a welcome drink, to starters, salads, main course and desserts. So you can sip on Keshar Lemon Sarbat and its international counterpart Mojito on the first day. Next, you can choose between Kadhan and Soup. In starters, you can dig into Moog Bhaji and Cheese Balls. The second option is Karanji and Empanadas. The main course will have Vada Pav and Burger, Modak and Momos and Varanphal and Ravioli. In rice, there will be Mutter Pulao and Mexican Rice. Desserts will include Kharvas and Panacotta. That’s the menu for day one.

On Saturday, you can try Karvand Sarbat or a mocktail. Starters will include SBDP and Tacos or Kanda Bhaji and Onion Rings and so on. In the main course on the third day, Dhirde has been paired with Pancake and then you can choose between Khichadi and Risotto.

The menu, as you can see, is quite exhaustive and interesting. Certainly, an attempt to showcase what Shreyas Restaurant is capable of. But is this the first time that Shreyas is diversifying? “We did something similar six years ago. But, now I think, it will be a regular feature. The younger generation, Radhika (Ingalhalikar-Chitale) and I have some plans, which will continue the legacy of Shreyas, but also bring some zest to it,” concludes Chitale.
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Jugalbandi Food Festival will be held at Shreyas Restaurant, Apte Road from April 21-23,
between 7.30-10.30 pm

The author can be followed on Twitter @riceandpickle

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29 May 2017
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