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Case of water stealing in PMC school
Pooja Agarwal & Jyoti Nalawade | Friday, 1 April 2016 AT 03:53 PM IST
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Pune: A case of water stealing by a private contractor undertaking a PMC construction of a Municipal School came forward this week.

In Kasturba Gandhi School, Koregaon Park, over 400 pupils have only one tap for drinking water. Children can be seen clambering around one tap to get drinking water. The water supply which was allotted for drinking purpose, for the last two months is being used for school construction.

The private contractors are installed power motors to utilize the water.
When Local residents complained about this incident, power motor was removed and was replaced with buckets of water.

When Sakal Times contacted the authorities regarding this issue, Sagar Shinde, JE, Water Supply department, PMC disconnect the water supply to the School. Also in spite of being a government building, rain water harvesting system and composting pits are missing.

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27 May 2017
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