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Aravind firms up his title chances
- | Monday, 30 November 2015 AT 01:17 PM IST
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Pune: Champion rider KP Aravind rode flawlessly through the challenging track created for the Pune International Supercross event as he won both Motos to firm-up his chances for the Overall title in the MRF MOGRIP FMSCI National Supercross championship, here on Saturday night.

The TVS Racing’s star rider Aravind rode his TVS RTR200 through the short double table tops and hairpin turns befitting his calibre to win the first SX1 Moto in the Group A Class 1 category.

Following him was Pune’s Rugved Barguje in the second place and Abdul Wahid Tanveer in the third place, in a TVS Racing sweep.

Barguje, who suffered a bad fall in the Asian championship final in Indonesia early this month that led to hospitalization, showed great courage to recover from his concussions and minor injuries and take part in the home championship.
In Moto 2 though Barguje finished third, but his effort should ensure him overall third position when the championship concludes in Bengaluru next week.

Aravind won the Moto 2 to grab full points that swelled his total points tally to 180, while his nearest challenger Tanveer earned 32 from the Pune round for an aggregate of 151.

With 29 points separating the two, only a DNF for Aravind in Bengaluru on December 5 would deny him the overall title, which otherwise looks sealed for the Mangalore rider.
Reynard wins International title
South Africa’s Anthony Reynard recovered from third-place finish in Moto 1 to take the winner’s spot in Moto 2 and pip the United States’ Bryce Stewart to the second place in the overall standings, in the International leg of the two-leg championship.
Stewart had won Moto 1 after leader Jared Hicks slipped and flipped over the hill. Russia’s Alexander Ivanyutin rode bravely to enthrall scores of motorsports enthusiasts who gathered to watch the biking competition.
Reynard, however, won Moto 2, to take the initiative going into the Bengaluru round. Ivanyutin was at his best to grab the No 2 position again forcing Stewart to the third position.

Group A:
Class 1 (SX1, Moto 1 and Moto 2): 1. Aravind KP (TVS Racing) (20, 20) 40; 2. AW Tanveer (TVS Racing) (15, 17) 32; 3. Rugved Barguje (TVS Racing) (17. 15) 32.
Class 7 (SX2, Moto 1 and Moto 2): 1. Jignesh Patel (Nagpur) (15, 20) 35; 2. Suryansh Rathore (Indore) (17, 17) 34; 3. Rugved Barguje (Pune) (20. 13) 33.
Class 9 (International SX, Moto 1 and Moto 2): 1. Anthony Reynard (South Africa) (15, 20) 35; 2. Bryce Stewart (US) (20, 15) 35; 3. Alexander Ivanyutin (Russia) (17, 17) 34.
Group B:
Class 3 (Indian Exprerts,
Moto 1): 1. Aravind KP (TVS Racing) 20; 2. AW Tanveer (TVS Racing) 17; 3. Yash Pawar (TVS Racing) 15.
Class 5 (Indian Experts,
Moto 2): 1. AW Tanveer (TVS Racing) 20; 2. Suhail Ahmed (Bengaluru) 17; 3. Yash Pawar (TVS Racing) 15.
Class 4 (Locals): 1. Pinkesh Thakker (Pune) 20; 2. Suhail Ahmed (Bengaluru) 17; 3. Yash Pawar (TVS Racing) 15.
Group C:
Class 2 (Novice): 1. Yash Pawar (TVS Racing) 20; 2. Amal Verghese (Ernakulam) 17; 3. Sudeep Kottary (Mangalore) 15.
Class 6 (Private Experts): 1. Suhail Ahned (Bengaluru) 20; 2. Pinkesh Thakker (Pune) 17; 3. Venkatesh Shetty (Mumbai) 15.
Group D:
Class 8 (Junior SX): 1. Rugved Barguje (TVS Racing) 20; 2. Keyan Patel (Mumbai) 17; 3. Karan Karle (Pune) 15.

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