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Don't spray water please!
Meeta Ramnani | Monday, 21 March 2016 AT 09:39 PM IST
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Reporting live from campus

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Juhi Rajani
As children, I remember taking a hose pipe and spraying water on my friends. We used to do that the entire day. But it’s been long since we stopped doing that. Nowadays, hip and happening Holi parties mostly have celebrity singers performing at the dos.  So it’s more about having a good time with your friends and enjoying the music and ambience and less about playing with colours and water.  

Mukta Surmani

Saving water is our responsibility and we must share this responsibility. The celebration doesn’t become less enjoyable if you use less water. Just spraying water uselessly on each other is a bad idea. To celebrate Holi parties, some people also use swimming pools and mud pools, which is a good idea because there’s no wastage of excessive water.   

Shashi Sundrani
We must think of farmers and water crisis before wasting even a drop of water. This doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating Holi. One can play only with gulaal, like the way it was played traditionally. Also, chemical colours must be completely avoided as they go into the drains and rivers and pollute the water.  

Falguni Mangwani

It’s been four years since I stopped playing Holi. Our water sources are getting depleted at an alarming rate, but we continue to waste water on a daily basis. Playing Holi with water is a complete no-no. Those who want to celebrate can just put gulal tika and visit family. The guns, plastic balloons and all other things that are used to play with water should be banned.

Mukesh Chavan

Eco-friendly colours are the best. One, they don’t cause any allergies and two, they are easy to remove. Chemical colours should be avoided because you need a lot of water to wash them. You can use water only to wet the colours.

Simiee Jodwaanii

I believe in ‘What we Save, Saves Us.’ Today as we celebrate World Water Day, it is a good reminder to curb water wastage on the festival of colours. Playing Holi with natural colours is sensible as the colours wash off easily. Maharashtra is facing one of the worst droughts ever, so the least we can do is show solidarity by keeping this year’s Holi water free! Let’s conserve before drinking water becomes scarce. Celebrate Holi with a Save Water awareness.

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27 April 2017
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