29 May 2017 | Last updated 12:45 PM

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SGH shows the way to avoid assaults
Namrata Devikar | Monday, 20 March 2017 AT 11:30 PM IST
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Pune: Authorities at the BJ Government Medical College (BJGMC) said that the lesser number of incidents of assaults on doctors  in the Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) can be attributed to the safety measures which involves deploying a senior doctor round the clock in all departments.

Officials noted that in last few years only two such incidents have taken place in Sassoon General Hospital. Speaking about the system in place, Dr Ajay Chandanwale, Dean of BJGMC said that a head of department or an associate professor is present 24 hours in the hospital.

“What has been an effective intervention to manage and handle such situations is presence of these senior doctors. They often intervene if the situation is going out of control between the resident doctor and the relatives of the patients. The relatives are under immense stress and the resident doctors are new. In such a situation, the senior doctor tackles the issue very well as they are more experienced,” said Dr Chandanwale.

The rotation of night duty ensures that each senior doctor gets his turn for the night shift in two months. “While the resident doctor attends to the patients, the senior doctors have the time to counsel the families and moderate their behaviour. Under the guidance of the seniors the resident doctors also learn a lot as to how to handle the families well,” noted Dr Chandanwale.  
He said there are 115 security guards at the SGH. “These security guards are government servants. If the State level authorities can put through a system to ensure the security of the campus is in the hands of a private organisation, it will be more effective. We can see that private security in private hospital ensures safer environment for all. That system should be replicated as well in the general hospital to avoid any unfortunate incident,” said Dr Chandanwale.


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29 May 2017
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