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They deserve a loving home
Anjali Jhangiani | Thursday, 9 February 2017 AT 08:37 PM IST
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Two weeks into a new life, the 21 beagles given up by a lab are loving the attention they are getting. They are up for adoption

Miley, the one who looks funny because her head is too big for her body, is the friendliest of the lot. Lead will not let go of his collar and Lady is a rather quiet one. These three, along with 18 more beagles were brought to ResQ charitable Trust after being given up by Lupin Laboratories about two weeks ago. They were tested upon and kept in a cage with set lighting and temperature all their lives, till they finally saw sunlight, experienced running about and tiring themselves when they were brought to the shelter-cum-hospital on Paud-Mulshi road.


The beagles were happy to see new faces, and not one started barking or acting aggressive. This is a pleasant surprise after you know that the only human interaction these dogs have had is with their attendants in the lab, who were always covered from head to toe in protective gear.

“When we went to pick them up, the animal attendants told us to wear covers, masks and everything. It was like a space suit. And these dogs have always seen humans in that form. They get scared very easily. They cowered and shivered when we reached out to them, but when they came out of their cage, they started playing. They are forgiving and compliant, and did not deserve the life they have had,” says  Fiyana Elavia, Center Director at ResQ, adding that pets in other labs go through much worse. Some of them even have vocals chords cut off to keep them from making too much noise.


She says, “All 21 of them have been fed the same flavour of pedigree all their lives. If you give them a biscuit, they won’t know what it is and won’t take it. Some of them have skin issues, some have severe eye problems, most of them are obese because of lack of sunlight and exercise. The first few days when they were brought here, they were limping around, because they were never let out of their cage, and here they were running around.”

The beagles love the pool. “During the first few days at ResQ, they did not know what to do with the mats and toys that we laid out. They were not used to sitting on soft surfaces. Now they’ve become comfortable,” says Elavia, who, along with her team, has given each of them a name. “They have a tattoo of a number of their year and the lab assistants used to call them by it. They didn’t have names. That really struck us and made us so sad. These dogs are such resilient creatures, they deserve a happier life,” she adds.

The beagles have been under observation and treatment at the center since they arrived and are now up for adoption. An extensive questionnaire has been put up on their website for prospective adopters. But  Elavia says that you must understand the needs of these dogs before you fill up a form to adopt one of them.

“They are not puppies. Two of them are eight-years-old and the rest are six. Adopters need to understand that they get scared very easily. They need a lot of care and attention because they haven’t got it before and tend to get greedy for it. Their diet is very specific, their medical needs might be expensive. They haven’t seen the outside world and they are known to flee because they are curious,” cautions Elavia as she tries to give each one of them her attention while talking to us.

The center has already received over 90 entries and have shortlisted only about four or five people who will go through a telephonic interview and will be called to the center to meet the dogs.

“We hope to get them adopted but there are some who are too old and have a lot of health issues and may have to remain here all their life. They will survive though. One of them has a severe liver issue, and the other one’s gall bladder is abnormally enlarged so she will have to be on a very specific diet and will need sonographies every 8-10 days. It’s not going to be very easy, but  we are going to make sure she’s okay,” says Elavia.

ST Reader Service:

Here’s the link to the adoption form for the beagles: https://goo.gl/ORHLRz

The author can be followed on Twitter @purplesaga

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30 May 2017
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