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The vintage effect
Anukriti Sharma | Saturday, 15 April 2017 AT 08:19 PM IST
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Try out simple tricks to give an old school antique feel to your home and see the difference it makes

Sufi teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan once said, ‘Some people look for a beautiful place, some make it beautiful’. If you want to make your home beautiful and infuse some old-world charm, here are some easy tips to give the interiors a timeless appeal.
Talking about the influence of antique art pieces and how they can enhance the look of your home, interior designer Piyush May says, “Growing technology and futuristic gadgets have made such a lasting impact on us that recent trends in interior design too have revolved around modernisation. We have almost forgotten heritage decor that filled the interiors of magnificent rajwadas, palaces and havelis. But we can recreate some of those antique elements in our home interiors and yes, it can be worked out within a budget!”

Sharing easy steps to renovate your home with eclectic treasures, May says, “The initial steps begin from deciding the exact style or look which you wish to replicate. There are various styles like the Indian traditional, Mughal, Rococo, Art Deco, Regional, English and several  others which can help recreate the vintage or royal look.”

Once you have decided on the style, the rest of the decor can easily be taken care of by following simple measures. For windows, May suggests traditional-looking vintage frames. Select the design of the frames on the basis of the style you have selected. Each style has a distinct identity for each element. He says, “Curtains help enhance the overall look. Select a print which defines the culture of the style selected. A lot of stores offer options of customised printing on the fabric. Try looking for this service if the print you have selected is not readily available or if you wish to add a dash of uniqueness. Different varieties of pelmets too are available in the market. Pelmets play a major role in traditional interior styles, especially when recreating the English look.”

When it comes to doors, the main entrance can be designed to match and emphasise the vintage decor of your home. If you love to explore and research before refurbishing the doors and windows, check out the local markets in your city and you will be able to see plenty of options, and if you can put your bargaining skills to use, you can manage a good deal. Puneities can check out Timber Market in Bhavani Peth to splurge on vintage-looking items. For internal doors of your home, you can have a part glass door with some nice bevelled-edge glass.

If you are looking for the most simple, fast and effective way to spruce up the interiors with a heritage look, wallpapers should work fine. With dazzling patterns and strong motives, Baroque wallpaper gives a sophisticated look to the interiors. Rose wallpapers also help create a retro look.  

When it comes to furniture, buy some free-standing pieces like a chest of drawers, furniture console cabinet in Rococo style, Art Deco Style Chair. Again the style of furniture you choose needs to be in accordance with the theme you have picked.

Also remember, colours can make or break the look of your home. May says, “If you have selected the English look, go for subtle colours. For a traditional Indian look, go for brighter colours. Each style has specific colour proportions and those proportions have to be maintained to achieve the desired look. There are various levels of the wall like the Dado level, which may or may not be maintained depending on the style you have finalised. The clarity of these decisions will help you get the very look which you have visualised for your home.”

Lastly, the most important element of any style is the statement you make with accessories. Wall clock, table lamp, flower vase — all play an essential role. May proposes,  “If your budget permits, add chandelier, mirrors, photo frames, old paintings with old frames and collectibles from the era.”

The retro look will take you back in time and make you connect with the past, which is important because unless you know history, you can’t connect with the present.  

The author can be followed on Twitter @sh_anukriti

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27 April 2017
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