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An ode to love
Anukriti Sharma | Tuesday, 10 January 2017 AT 08:38 PM IST
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Amit Trivedi tells us more about his new song Panchiyaa in collaboration with V Selvaganesh for Dewarists season 5.

After winning accolades for his fun and soulful compositions, singer-composer Amit Trivedi is back again with yet another ingenious melody called Panchiyaa in collaboration with V Selvaganesh. The musicians have come together to present their song in the web series Dewarists season 5 on youtube channel of Dewar's and the video is already garnering praise from across the country. The duo travelled to Sri Lanka to shoot the video and the picturesque beachside locale provides the perfect backdrop for the song. 

‘Kyun baithe taak mein bawara, chal ud jaa re panchiyaa...’ the lyrics talk about a bird who moves from one branch to another looking for a new home. Explaining the inspiration behind the song, Amit says, “We all love to be loved and it is a universal feeling which is exactly what this song is all about. It’s an ode to the feeling of love. If you listen to the lyrics, ‘Thaame naa ek dagariya, kyun daude nagar nagariya,’ you will realise that Panchiyaa is a metaphor for a casanova who moves from one branch to another branch in the process of finding love.”

About collaborating with Indian percussionist working in the Carnatic tradition Selvaganesh, Amit, who excels in contemporary music, says that the union has worked out well. However, creating a balance in the music through instruments and vocals looked like a task at hand. Talking about his association, he says, “I have always loved Selvaganesh from the Shakti days. His style of playing is phenomenal. Initially, I was a bit nervous about working with him, but I found an elder brother in him and musically, I was his student for the entire time. I learnt so much from him. Manoj Yadav wrote the lyrics and I created a melody with no rhythm and Selvaganesh put in his work later and created this song so beautifully. He is the king of rhythm and an exceptional kanjira player, so it came across as a perfect jugalbandi.”

But if such exemplary artists collaborate, there can be creative differences.  Amit states otherwise. “There are greater chances of creative differences among artists and it does happen a lot of times. But fortunately, nothing of that sort happened between us. We both had complete freedom of expression, so there was no scope of differences between us,” he says.

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30 April 2017
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