30 May 2017 | Last updated 11:41 PM

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Docs advise steps to prevent heat stroke
Sakal Times | Friday, 15 April 2016 AT 11:11 PM IST
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Pune: As the city reels under severe day temperature, doctors are noticing a spurt in cases of dehydration, which can also be termed as a primary heat stroke. While the temperature stayed constant at 40.8 degrees Celsius during the day on Friday, officials from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the temperature may cross the 41-degree Celsius mark on Saturday.

The officials said that the daytime temperature will linger around the same mark for the coming few days.

As the temperatures are set to remain high, doctors have advised people to take all necessary precautions to avert any fatalities due to heat strokes.

Speaking to Sakal Times, State Vice President of Indian Medical Association, Dr Avinash Bhondwe said that while he has not come across many cases of heat strokes, there has certainly been a rise in cases of dehydration. “Dehydration is the first level of heat stroke and with the rising temperature, the number of these cases has also risen,” he said.

“The spurt has been noticed among infants, children and senior citizens. The symptoms include high fever, vomiting and loose motions,” he explained.

Bhondwe said that dehydration is caused as the body becomes unable to control temperature.

“Severe dehydration can lead to extremely high temperatures or fever which can, in turn, lead to convulsion and ultimately death. It is extremely necessary to take the correct precautions in order to prevent heat stroke,” he explained.

Medical Superintendent of Sassoon Hospital, Dr Ajay Taware said that while the hospital has not seen many heat stroke cases, it is of utmost importance to take necessary precautions.

Dr Ajay Taware said that people must also beware of consuming outside food which could lead to diseases like diarrhoea and others, especially during this season.  


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30 May 2017
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