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Anjali Jhangiani | Friday, 17 February 2017 AT 08:51 PM IST
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Live life of peace and contentment with Ahhaa which has new inner growth programs.

When was the last time you had an Ahhaa moment? When you felt peaceful, relieved and genuinely happy? In the general hustle-bustle of life, we usually forget to take a moment out for ourselves. So much stress is put on skill-based and knowledge-based learning, but there is absolutely no focus on life learning. When you have negative emotions, when you’re struggling about what to do with it, you don’t know where to go. There’s no tangibility to it, says Ashwin Srisailam, co-founder of Ahhaa, a brand for inner growth programs aimed at helping people live a life of clarity and freedom. He tells us more about the program, how it works, and what are their future plans.

What is it?

Ahhaa is basically focused on helping people feel awesome. It’s all about inner growth, life education and we do that through using the best of technology, says  Srisailam. He explains how they create ‘Ahhaa spaces’ in different parts of India and US to make inner growth simple, bite-sized and more tangible. These spaces are equipped with Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more to ensure that people who visit, experience life-changing content within three to five minutes.

Ahhaa Spaces-

“The spaces are designed to make visitors feel as safe and secure as a baby does in a mother’s womb, but within a corporate setting, with cut-throat business. Inside we have an entire section audio, video and VR content to fascinate people,” says Srisailam. In one of these spaces, there’s a glider which syncs up with VR content shot at the most amazing places on the planet. When you wear the VR glasses, you feel like you’re flying.

There are four elements as far as their content is concerned — insights, inspiration, music, meditation. “This content is being rolled out at corporations in Mumbai, all the MIT colleges and other corporate offices. Members of the organisation or institute can go inside these spaces, spend three to five minutes there everyday and experience content to help them deal with daily real life problems,” describes Srisailam.

An app, synced to these spaces, asks the visitor what kind of a mood they have at that point in time, what are they feeling and then searches for the right kind of content to help them feel refreshed and motivated. Suppose you’ve been asked to take up a new project, you’re apprehensive and want to  do your best. But you need some motivation to calm you down, you might just need to go inside one of these spaces and listen to some music, or watch an instructive video, explains Srisailam, adding that different people imbibe inspiration in different ways. “We also have a group that keeps examining choices of inspiration by the visitors and note what is typical from a psychology standpoint. The core content that you would experience is more geared towards day-to-day challenges. Our own production team, based out of New York, makes this VR content. You don’t have to go up to the Himalayas to experience this kind of a peace,” he adds.  

A new independent Ahhaa space is soon to be launched at Hinjewadi.

Decode life-

Another aspect of Ahhaa is the person-to-person workshop called Decode Life. The entire essence of these workshops is to understand how to learn to face the challenges of life. “We categorise the inferior, mediocre and extraordinary responses people have given in their lives and analyse the situations to help them understand how they should give better responses,” says  Srisailam. The workshop also has a section on Fundamental Childhood Decisions (FCD) where the participants are made to understand the decisions they took as a child and how that has affected them in various ways as an adult.

Why is it called Ahhaa?

“Back in the days when I used to be a monk in South India, I used to use the word ‘ahhaa’ when I used to host seminars. It represents a moment of clarity. It’s colloquial and yet doesn’t belong to any one particular language. It’s almost an expression that comes out automatically,” says Srisailam, adding that his co-founder, Diane Bacchus urged him to use this word as a name for the brand.

Partnership with A R Rahman and guiding Michael Jackson

“Our company was launched with a partnership with A R Rahman. His music school in Chennai is a content partner and they make the music for our spaces,” says  Srisailam. He was introduced to the maestro by Michael Jackson. “I used to guide MJ before he died, for four years. Even now, I spend time with his kids. He used to come to my programs, but it was always closed doors, with his family and him,” says Srisailam, adding, “Michael met Rahman when he won the Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire and told him that he should meet his Indian friend — me. MJ then organised a Skype call; it was 8 years ago. Since then we’ve been friends. When we started Ahhaa, he came onboard and his business development manager works closely with us. MJ has never been a key note speaker but Rahman has.”

The writer can be followed on twitter @purplesaga

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