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Anukriti Sharma | Sunday, 26 March 2017 AT 08:19 PM IST
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Smita Sundararaman, founder and managing director at NatureHealz, talks about the various kriyas and their health benefits.

Sharon Gannon, world-renowned  yoga teacher, famously said, “You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state.”
What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state. “We have been hearing about the health benefits of yoga for ages. And it is considered to be one of the most healthy ways to fight any disease. While meditation helps you calm your mind as well as deals with all the mental and physical stress in general, kriya is an extended level in yoga that helps you relax and keeps  diseases at bay. Smita Sundararaman, founder and managing director at NatureHealz, shares more about the kriyas and how one can perform them.

People should not act like their own doctor and never hesitate from asking for help if needed. Sundararaman advises the same, “Never try any kriya without supervision. Our aim is to help people to not fall ill and looking at their health from a preventive aspect.” Explaining the health benefits, she says, “The most important one is Neti Kriya which helps in cleansing the nasal passage and clears away the congestion. It also helps people who are suffering from sinus and migraine since it directly affects the nasal and brain area.” She bifurcates the Neti Kriya into Jal Neti and Sutra Neti.

Jal Neti is performed using lukewarm water with salt, which is poured in your nose through one nostril causing it to clear the passage and come out from the other nostril. Sundararaman says, “People need to be careful about breathing through their mouth otherwise the water can go straight to their brain. The congestion is usually caused due to pollution and can also affect people who have asthma. In fact, nowadays children are struggling more due to the rise in pollution.”

Sutra Neti is performed in the same way as Jal Neti, but instead of water, a thin thread is used. She shares, “A rubber thread is used to clear the nasal passage. There is nothing to worry about since the thread will not hurt you internally.”

Sundararaman talks about Kunjal Kriya, which requires a person to drink large amounts of saline water till they feel like puking. She says, “Drink as much water as you can in one go so that you puke. You can try putting two fingers deep down your throat to make yourself vomit. It helps people suffering from extreme acidity, indigestion and headache by cleaning their stomachs.”

Similarly Shankh Prakshalana too clears the intestines to help the bowel system. Instead of inserting water unnaturally like that in enema, you are supposed to drink 14-15 glasses of lukewarm water with either salt or lemon. The method is to drink water and then exercise so that it reaches down your system properly. This procedure will prompt you to pee which will help cleaning your entire system. Continue doing so till the water is clear. Sundararaman suggests having Khichdi with ghee after the procedure and not to have spices for an entire day.

She also explains, “Yoga is supposed to be holistic and helps you with mental and physical aspects. This where Kapal Bhati Kriya plays an important role. It requires a lot of concentration and determination. It helps you lose weight, strengthens your muscles and is quite helpful for asthma patients. But I would suggest that people with high BP and heart issues should avoid it completely since it increases one’s blood pressure level.”

Lastly, Sundararaman shares the health benefits of Tratak Kriya. It helps people with eyesight problems, improves concentration levels as well as cures sleeping disorders. She explains, “All that you have to do is to light a lamp and gaze at it constantly. After a point of time your eyes will start to water. Then close your eyes for sometime. Repeat the same process again. It may take some time for your eyes to get used to the light but it helps in gradually building the optic muscles.”

The author can be followed on Twitter @sh_anukriti

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27 April 2017
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