17 January 2017 | Last updated 10:50 PM

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With the induction of Azam Pansare, Pimpri Chinchwad’s former mayor and Nationalist Congress Party’s local Muslim veteran, the Bharatiya Janata Party has

Monday, 16 January 2017 AT 09:18 AM IST

In democraticIn a democratic system a sudden disappearance of social, human rights activists is a shocking matter. It does not go well with principles of democracy

Saturday, 14 January 2017 AT 11:42 AM IST

A water crisis gripped Maharashtra and some parts of north India in 2016. It looks highly likely that a similar situation is on the cards for either Karnataka, Tamil Nadu or Kerala in 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 AT 10:18 AM IST

The year 2016 in retrospect was a mixed bag, to say the least. With plenty of high points and depressions to balance them out, the year didn’t stop giving one interesting headline after another

Thursday, 29 December 2016 AT 09:32 PM IST

“After me the deluge,” said King Louis XV of France. If one looks at what is happening on the streets of Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu, one would remember the King Louis’s words

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 AT 10:51 PM IST

The Pampore terrorist attack on the military convoy on December 18 in a crowded township which resulted in the death of three army personnel has laid bare

Friday, 23 December 2016 AT 11:44 AM IST

A call centre racket operating out of India has been conning gullible Americans and Canadians through bluff, bluster and fraud and by last estimates the

Thursday, 22 December 2016 AT 09:48 AM IST

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey is different than that of late Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s. Kemal Ataturk was a founder of Republic of Turkey and a hardcore secular

Thursday, 22 December 2016 AT 11:47 AM IST

The armed forces play a stellar role, forming the backbone in carrying out relief operations whenever calamity strikes the nation. This century has witnessed

Monday, 19 December 2016 AT 12:10 PM IST

The land pooling scheme that is being implemented by the Andhra Pradesh government for its capital city Amaravati is being praised as one of the role models

Sunday, 18 December 2016 AT 10:19 AM IST